What is Go-Shala Network

The Go-Shala Network develop and host go-shala websites. This service is brought to you by Team Krishi Go Sanskriti. When we search for information on go-shalas for Krishi Go Sanskriti Directory we found that many website do not provide adequate information and most of the websites are not updated once they are created.

We believe the Great work done by people running the go-shala need to be put in front of large audience with the help of a well-developed website which is regularly updated. This will benefit people interested in buying cow products, planning for donations and people looking to get involved with your go-shala.

What We Offer

– We develop a comprehensive website with full features. Please refer the feature list below

– Website will be maintained and updated by us. You send the email with requirements and we will update it on your website

– As your goshala is hosted on our network you will get connected to peoples visiting on Krishi Go Sanskriti website and your events and updates will also published on our facebook page


– Home Page: Introduction, photo slider, header images

– About US Page: Information about Trusts, Peoples, etc

– Donation Page: Bank details, donation schemes in easy to use format

– Products Page: Products details in easy to use format

– Activities/Events: Updates about upcoming events or activities

– Contact Us page: Address, email, google map, other details

– Photo Gallery: Sliding images

– Video Gallery: Video hosted on you tube channel

– Feedback Form: Feedback form with integration to your email address

– Social Integration: You can share content on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

– Mobile Display: Website will look good on cell phones and tablets

We can add any other feature you may require.

Who We Are and What It will cost

– We are not a web design or hosting provider, we develop and maintain go-shala directory on www.krishigosanskriti.com as a service to mother cow.

– We will develop your website free of cost as our humble contribution to the great work you are doing.

– There will be charge of 1000 Rs. per year as cost towards hosting and updating your website. This will cover 6 updates in a year.

– Is there any additional expenses for you: No, If you are ok with a website like “yourgoshala.goshala.in” address. if you need your own domain name like “www.yourgoshala.com” then it may cost between 400 to 500 per year. We can get this done for you or you can bring your own domain.

– We will take three years maintenance fees upfront which translates to Rs. 3000 without domain and Rs. 4500 with domain for your Go-Shala. This will keep your website up and running for three years. Sponsors are available or can be arranged for above expenses.

The biggest benefit is not our low cost but your website will be always updated and you will get connected to thousands of visitors visiting krishigosanskriti.com.

Get in touch by writing mail to us on goseva@krishigosanskriti.com

Sponsor a Go-Shala Website

– You can sponsor a Go-Shala website by paying Rs.4500. This will keep the website updated and running for three years. Your sponsorship will go long way in attracting more people to your favorite Go-Shala and help in getting more donations and followers.

Get in touch by writing mail to us on goseva@krishigosanskriti.com